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Useful answers for Unix users, admins, and programmers
The Art of Unix Programming
Tao of Unix, by Eric S. Raymond
Rootless Root -- The Unix Koans of Master Foo
Get enlightened in Unix, by Eric S. Raymond


Using TrueType fonts with TeX (LaTeX) and pdfTeX (pdfLaTeX)
As described
LaTeX resources and examples
LaTeXe help 1.4
Quick help for LaTeX
Help On LaTeX Commands
Help by subject, command, and environment
LaTeX2e Help Top Level
General Helps
Makeing Presentations with LaTeX and Prosper
a tutorial from
Thai To LaTeX
LaTeX intro for Thai users
Thai LaTeX Beginner
Another Thai LaTeX Guide (using MikTeX)


Microsoft Typography
Adobe Solutions Network: Type Technology
Free UCS Outline Fonts
an endeavor to collect multilingual glyphs
BSDL Type1/TrueType font editor (for Linux)
TrueType/OpenType Tools
GPL TrueType/OpenType viewer, compiler (for Windows)

Web Usability

Usable Web
Methods, designs, tools, etc. for web usability Jakob Neilsen's Website
Home page of the most prominent author of usability
Essays on web design interaction usability
by the National Cancer Institute, quite formal
Real World Style
Focuses on CSS design for web usability

X Window

Xlib Programming Manual
Documentation for X Window system
X Manual Pages
Documentation for X Window system
X Keyboard Extension
Configuring XKB, XKB internals, XKB configuration files
An Unreliable Guide to XKB Configuration
Another comprehensive guide to XKB configuration
A Home Page of VFlib Project
A font rasterizing library for multiple font formats
xfsft: Truetype Font Support For X
Patches to make X11 support TrueType fonts via font server or X server. It's based on The FreeType Library
X-TrueType Server Project
Another effort to enable TrueType on X11, with Asian languages in mind
Advanced topic questions frequently asked in xfree86 mailing list
DRI: Direct Rendering Infrastructure
A project to make use of direct rendering to graphic cards
A project to develop network-transparent media server, supported by

Linux Desktop
A free software project to work on interoperability and shared technology for desktop environments for the X Window
Making Hardware Just Work
Draft of spec to make desktop-based hardware support on Linux
HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer
A project based on the above spec on hardware support
Open Source Desktop Technology Road Map
A bird-eye view by Jim Gettys


The GNOME Project
the GNU Network Object Modelling Environment
Draft proposal for Gnome printing architecture
provides printing canvas with font handling for GNOME
Free software and good user interfaces
by Havoc Pennington
A new file selector for GTK+
a new design of the file selector for GTK+ 2.4
a collection of third-party GTK+ input method modules
a portal site
The State and Future of GNOME
GNOME 2.6 usability
Making application programming easy with GNOME libraries
By George Lebl
GNOMEnclature:: Making application programming easy with GNOME libraries, Part 2
More on glib
GNOMEnclature: Getting ready for GNOME 2 (Part 1)
briefs changes from GNOME 1.4 to GNOME 2
GNOMEnclature: Getting ready for GNOME 2 (Part 2)
introducing GObject
Developing Gnome Apps with Glade A Tutorial Part 1
introduces Glade
Developing Gnome Apps with Glade and Anjuta A Tutorial Part 2
using Glade with Anjuta
Developing Gnome Application with Python (Part 1)
Developing Gnome Application with Python (Part 2)
Developing Gnome Application with Python (Part 3)
GUI Programming with GTK
Another tutorial
GUI Programming with GTK - part 2
Writing GnomeVFS modules
Article from IBM developerWorks
Introduction to GConf and GnomeVFS
A tutorial
GNOMEnclature:: Livening things up
Graphics made easy using the GNOME Canvas
ORBit Beginners Documentation
Information on using ORBit2
The Art of Writing a Bonobo Control
by Dirk-Jan C. Binnema
Introduction to Bonobo: Bonobo & ORBit
Free Software components
Introduction to Bonobo: Basic Bonobo use
Getting started on the client side
Introduction to Bonobo: Implementing a new component
Nautilus -- Inside the Shell
White paper by Alexander Larsson, Red Hat
Mathieu's Gnome Papers

Linux Luxuary

Tim Mann's Chess Page
A free chess project
guiTAR (mirror)
guiTAR is a generic archive tool, currently supporting tar, tar.Z, tar.gz, tar.bz2, bzip2-compressed-slp, zip, lzh(lha), arj, and rar files.
The GIMP Homepage
"The GNU Image Manipulation Program" (GPL)
Dia a drawing program
A GPL Visio-like drawing program for Linux
MIDI creator and sequencer
Web sucker for off-line reading
An open source DTP for the X Window
Sound sample editor for GNOME

Linux Tutorials

Doing Things in GNU/Linux
chatting, printing, installing software, playing and recoding music, office, gaming, all in one article!
Samba configuration
article from
Setting up a Squid-Proxy Server
article from
Packaging software with RPM
article from IBM developerWorks
  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
Administering a Fax Service
guru guidance from Linux Magazine
Using USB Devices with Linux
guru guidance from Linux Magazine
Using Power Wisely
power tools from Linux Magazine (about using root permission)
Devices and Linux
knowledge about /dev in Linux
Going 3d with Blender
Photo magic with Gimp
edit your photograph
Migrating to Linux kernel 2.6 -- Part 1: Customizing a 2.6-based kernel
A first step
Migrating to Linux kernel 2.6 -- Part 2: Migrating device drivers to Linux kernel 2.6
Part 2
Migrating to Linux kernel 2.6 -- Part 3: Using the 2.6 kernel with your current system
Part 3
Migrating to Linux kernel 2.6 -- Part 4: Migrating custom Linux installations to 2.6
Part 3
Secure programmer: Countering buffer overflows
Preventing today's top vulnerability
A Glance At Garbage Collection In Object-Oriented Languages
A review
Open-Source Bug Tracking with Bugzilla
From Linux Journal


The Next Move in Programming: A Conversation with Sun's Victoria Livschitz
About Programming

Linux Magazines

A collection of articles contributed by volunteers
Linux Journal
On-line version of the journal
A collection of technical articles regarding GNU/Linux
Linux Magazine
LAMP Post, Power Tools, Guru Guidance, On The Desktop, Developer's Den
News about OS
News about the GNOME Desktop
Debian Planet
News for Debian
Free Software/Open Source Literature
Articles from FSF and others

Linux Compatibilities
Check for printer support with Foomatic
Linux USB
Linux and USB devices
Linux on Laptops
Find forums of users of your Laptop
Fujitsu S6010 Forum
Forum for my laptop :)


GPE: The GPE Palmtop Environment
Free Software GUI environment for palmtop/handheld, based on GTK+2.2 and GNU/Linux

Wireless Linux

The linux-wlan(tm) Company
Supports for wireless devices based on Prism2 chipset (aka. linux-wlan-ng)
Host AP driver for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3
Another support for Prism chipsets, with access point mode support
Supports for wireless devices based on Atmel chipset
Yet another Atmel support


Video Card History (1996 to the present)
From 3dfx to NVIDIA and ATI

Hacker Culture

How To Become A Hacker
By Eric S. Raymond
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
By Eric S. Raymond
Working on Free Software
By Havoc Pennington
Free software maintenance: Adding Features
By Havoc Pennington (worth reading for free software contributors)
Advogato's Number: Advice for young free software developers
By Advogato

Developing Software with GNU

Developing Software with GNU
A very comprehensive beginning
GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool
An on-line book
Learning the GNU Devlopment Tools
by Eleftherios Gkioulekas
GNU Coding Standards
Memory debugging and profiling tools
Memory Access Error Checkers
a review
GCC Myths and Facts
how to optimize with gcc
Writing DLLs for Linux apps
from IBM developerWorks
Introduction to Ncurses
article from

Formal Methods

Formal Methods
links to resources, tools
The Z notation
a formal specification notation
information on the Vienna Development Method

C/C++ Programming Language

The Development of the C Language
by Dennis M. Ritche (himself)
The C++ Programming Language
by Bjarne Stroustrup (himself)
1997 C++ Public Review Document
the final draft for ISO/IEC 14882:1998 (C++)
C++ - Beyond the ARM
A page explaining the changes made to C++ since Stroustrup's ARM (Annotated Reference Manual)
A Short Tutorial on ANSI-fication of C Programs
by Thomas Dickey, with some tools

Other Programming Languages

Programming in Ruby, part 1
An article from LinuxGazette
Programming in Ruby, part 2
An article from LinuxGazette
Introduction to Programming Ada
An article from LinuxGazette
Ada for GNU/Linux Team
GNAT support team

Network Programming

BSD Sockets
A tutorial on BSD sockets
Network Programming
A collection of network programming stuffs

Thai and Internationalization

UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ for Unix/Linux
By Markus Khun
XTERM - Terminal emulator for the X Window System
an open-source framework for the layout and rendering of internationalized text

Other Standards

Everson Typography Homepage
With links to standardization documents
ISO 3166
Country Codes
ISO 639 and ISO 639-2
Language Code Lists
ISO 4217
Currency and Funds Codes

Interesting RFC's

RFC 2229
A Dictionary Server Protocol
RFC 2279
UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646
RFC 2616
Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1
RFC 2965
HTTP State Management Mechanism


Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)
International project to develop guidelines for the encoding of textual material in electronic form for research purposes
An XSLT style sheet and an XML dictionary approach to internationalization
Internationalize your HTML/XML content with XSLT and XML dictionary

Dictionary & KB Projects

The GNU version of The Collaborative International Dictionary of English : converted into XML from the GCIDE project of GNU.
VHG(TM) : Virtual HyperGlossary
Terminology development for knowledge creation
Muller's Buddhist and Literary CJK-English Digital Dictionaries
An interesting example of multilingual dictionary
Collaborative electronic encyclopedic knowledge base development
SWAG - Semantic Web Agreement Group
Providing a strong infrastructure for the Semantic Web


Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden Sections and the Golden String
Very complete information
A History of Pi
Pi through the age
Some interesting geometry, from Paul Bourke's homepage
ASK-A-SCIENTIST Archive - Math
Collection of math Q&A
Tease your brain
The Method of Auras
A method of learning mathematics by exploring from problems to related ones
History of Mathematics: China
Development of mathematics in Chinese history
Development of Mathematics in Ancient China
Ancient Chinese mathematics


International System of Units
On SI Units
Lecture Notes on General Relativity
On Accelerated Frames and Gravity :-)


Dara Astronomy
Basic astronomy (in Thai)
Learning center for Earth Science and Astronomy (LESA)
News and info for astronomy study (in Thai)
Thai Astronomical Society
Astronomy news and articles (in Thai)


WebElementsTM Periodic Table
With each element details.

Thai Culture

History of Thai Writing System
The historic Thai writing system
TaiNoi Classroom
About Lao and Northeastern Thai ancient script
TaiNoi and Tham Fonts
Free fonts for Northeastern Thai ancient scripts, with discussion forum
Esaan ancient scripts
Tai Noi, Tham, Khmer scripts
Thai Kids
Thai traditional musical instruments and MIDI
Thai Performances
Thai perfomances
Thai traditional musics in contemporary style, with online song
A brief story of Thai version of Ramayana

Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen
The province's official web site
Khon Kaen Municipality
The Khon Kaen downtown local government
News about Khon Kaen
A Khon Kaen portal site


Greek Gods and Mythology
A good beginning, with collection of links (Thanks Crystal Woods for suggestion)
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