Linux Console Thai Support


  1. Linux Console Tools
  2. Thai Support for Linux Console Tools
  3. Patch for console-tools
  4. Patch for console-data
  5. Quick Data

Linux Console Tools

The Linux Console Tools is a set of tools allowing a Linux user to set up his/her console's behavior.

Thai Support for Linux Console Tools

I've added Thai keyboard symbols to the Linux Console Tools and haved defined Thai keyboard map based on TIS 820-2538. Thai console font maps are also created, but it's partially done.

Meanwhile, Phattanon Duangdara has developed Thai console fonts with code maps, and Kedmanee keymap. Therefore, I have taken some of his works for inclusion in the patches. We hope to merge more code soon.

For comprehensive documentation, please visit Phattanon's site. :-)

Patch for console-tools

The patch for console-tools is made against version 0.2.3. The patch applies to both upstream source and debian 0.2.3-23.2 source. The source is also provided here for convenience:

Patch for console-data

The patch for console-data is made against 1999.08.29 snapshot. The patches for upstream source and debian 1999.08.29-21.8 source are slightly different. The source is also provided here for convenience:

Quick Data

For you who just want to see the fonts, font maps and key maps, you can also get the quick data. (But note that Thai keymap won't work without the console-tools being patched.)

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