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LibThai is a set of Thai language support routines aimed to ease developers' tasks to incorporate Thai language support in their applications. It includes important Thai-specific functions e.g. word breaking, input and output methods as well as basic character and string supports. LibThai is an Open Source and collaborative effort initiated by Thai Linux Working Group and opened for all contributors.

LibThai Functions by Category

LibThai provides functions to handle both tis-620 character set (single-byte) and unicode (multi-byte). A function name which includes `w', such as th_wbrk() is unicode version of th_brk() function.

Functions for classifying characters

th_istis(), th_isthai(), th_iseng(), th_isthcons(), th_isthvowel(), th_isthtone(), th_isthdiac(), th_isthdigit(), th_isthpunct(), th_istaillesscons(), th_isovershootcons(), th_isundershootcons(), th_isundersplitcons(), th_isldvowel(), th_isflvowel(), th_isupvowel(), th_isblvowel(), th_chlevel(), th_iscombchar(), th_wcistis(), th_wcisthai(), th_wciseng(), th_wcisthcons(), th_wcisthvowel(), th_wcisthtone(), th_wcisthdiac(), th_wcisthdigit(), th_wcisthpunct(), th_wcistaillesscons(), th_wcisovershootcons(), th_wcisundershootcons(), th_wcisundersplitcons(), th_wcisldvowel(), th_wcisflvowel(), th_wcisupvowel(), th_wcisblvowel(), th_wcchlevel(), th_wciscombchar()

Functions for word segmentation

th_brk(), th_brk_line(), th_wbrk(), th_wbrk_line()

Functions for Thai string collation

th_strcoll(), th_strxfrm(), th_wcstrcoll(), th_wcstrxfrm()

Functions for correct the sequence of Thai string

th_normalize(), th_wnormalize()

Functions for Thai string cell operation

th_next_cell(), th_prev_cell(), th_make_cells()

Functions for Thai characters input

th_isaccept(), th_validate()

Functions for Thai string rendering

th_render_cell_tis(), th_render_cell_win(), th_render_cell_mac(), th_render_text_tis(), th_render_text_win(), th_render_text_mac()

Functions for converting between unicode and tis-620

th_tis2uni(), th_tis2uni_line(), th_winthai2uni(), th_macthai2uni(), th_uni2tis(), th_uni2tis_line(), th_uni2winthai(), th_uni2macthai()
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