libthai File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
thai/thailib.hGeneral declarations for libthai
thai/thbrk.hThai word segmentation
thai/thcell.hThai string cell custering
thai/thcoll.hThai string collation
thai/thctype.hThai character classifications
thai/thinp.hThai string input sequence filtering
thai/thrend.hThai string rendering
thai/thstr.hThai string manipulators
thai/thwbrk.hThai wide-char word segmentation
thai/thwchar.hWide char support for Thai
thai/thwcoll.hThai wide-char string collation
thai/thwctype.hThai wide-char character classifications
thai/thwstr.hThai wide-char string manipulators
thai/wtt.hWTT I/O implementation

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