Fonts-TLWG (formerly ThaiFonts-Scalable) is a collection of Thai scalable fonts available in free licenses. Its goal is to provide fonts that conform to existing standards and recommendations, so that it can be a reference implementation.

So, the fonts have to be modified from their original versions as needed, according to following references:

We use FontForge (formerly PfaEdit ) as the development tool. You need it to generate fonts from the downloaded source.


See Fonts-TLWG Announcements.


See the Font Samples page.



This package collects Thai scalable fonts available in free licenses. See individual fonts for their licenses.


We are going to do these for release 0.6.0:

  • Kerning
  • Minority languages support

Developer Channels

We use thai-linux-foss-devel mailing list as our communication channel for thaifonts-scalable development.

Interesting Tools

  • FontForge -- Outline font editor
  • TTX -- From TrueType to XML and Back
  • Mensis -- To or for, by, with or from TrueType Tables

Interesting Documents