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ThaiLaTeX 0.4.2 Released

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(Version 0.4.1 was unreleased, due to a small bug found.)

Changes from 0.4.1

  • Correct changelog entry in thai.dtx, removing junks in generated document.

Changes from 0.4.0

  • Update fonts from thaifonts-scalable 0.4.9, plus some changes from CVS.
  • Reintroduced font: kinnari, with resolved licensing issue.
  • New fonts: sawasdee, umpush, waree.
  • Handle the case of tone marks over long-ascender base characters with below-base vowel combined, e.g. "PO PLA + SARA UU + MAI EK", using Werner Lemberg's method as published in TUGboat Volume 21 (2000), No. 2.



448f7029da1e54a749c154676257f39c  thailatex-0.4.2.tar.gz


$ cvs -d \
  co -r r_0_4_2 software/thailatex