swath 0.5.4 Released

Changes from 0.5.3

  • Updated word break dictionary.
  • Fix segfault on extremely long input lines.
  • Support longer input lines.
    (Bug report by Santi Romeyen)
  • Support non-ASCII word break string.
  • Some source code clean-ups.
  • Add test suite.




795bef70426e94f30ba999c9dd47f706  swath-0.5.4.tar.xz


$ git clone https://github.com/tlwg/swath.git

GitHub: https://github.com/tlwg/swath
GitHub release: https://github.com/tlwg/swath/releases/tag/v0.5.4

LibThai 0.1.25 Released

Changes from 0.1.24

  • New word break APIs for more thread-safety.
  • Fix compilation error and warning with GCC 6.
  • Do not test word breaking if dictionary is disabled.
  • Updated word break dictionary.




c5d165ea47d3a689f850c6b09a4bb3d9  libthai-0.1.25.tar.xz


$ git clone https://github.com/tlwg/libthai.git

GitHub: https://github.com/tlwg/libthai
GitHub release: https://github.com/tlwg/libthai/releases/tag/v0.1.25

scim-thai 0.1.4 Released

Changes from 0.1.3

  • Get rid of deprecated GTK+ APIs in setup program, now requiring GTK+ >= 3.16.
  • Switched to XZ tarball compression.
  • Fix 'make distcheck' error, now --prefix option is used as the base installation path.




afe6dc49bb51a78158480591b14693a2  scim-thai-0.1.4.tar.xz


$ git clone https://github.com/tlwg/scim-thai.git

GitHub: https://github.com/tlwg/scim-thai
GitHub release: https://github.com/tlwg/scim-thai/releases/tag/v0.1.4

Fonts-TLWG 0.6.3 Released

The "Loma Jump" release.

Changes from 0.6.2

  • The first release from GitHub.
  • Drop Tahoma and MS Sans Serif synthesizing, which caused Waree to get
    priority higher than all Thai fonts in fontconfig matching.
  • Promote Loma over Waree as sans-serif candidate.
  • Narrow down the width of space glyph for Loma.


TLWG Software Repository Moved to GitHub

Since the recent change on accessing policy exercised by our host has made linux.thai.net no longer a proper place for collaboration in open source style any more (VPN is now required), we have decided to move our software repository to GitHub.

Please follow our development activities here instead:


Currently, only some important projects have been imported. More will come soon.

LTN itself will still continue to serve other resources, such as the release announcements, planet, FTP. Just the repository is moved.

IBus-LibThai 0.1.3 Released

Changes from 0.1.2

  • Get rid of deprecated GTK+ APIs in setup program, now requiring GTK+ >= 3.16.
  • Fix compiler warnings.


MD5 sums:

1d6c9d03470d3b7af7c9c019325e36f5  ibus-libthai-0.1.3.tar.xz


$ svn co http://linux.thai.net/svn/software/ibus-libthai/tags/r_0_1_3 \

Fonts-SIPA-Arundina 0.2.1 Released

Changes from Fonts-SIPA-Arundina 0.2.0

  • Switch to XZ tarball compression.
  • Resurrect CTAN zip generation for uploading as a single file.
  • Set TTF Preferred Family of all fonts to "Arundina", to have all faces grouped together on systems.
  • Clarify copyright & license for the packaging.
  • Add fontconfig file taken from Debian.


Fonts-TLWG 0.6.2 Released

Changes from 0.6.1

  • Add Preferred Family/Subfamily so OS can distinguish between Oblique and Italic shapes.
  • Use 'Regular' weight in all fonts for non-bold/light.
  • Validate all fonts and fix problems reported by the validator.
  • Explicitly set OS/2 version to 4 on all fonts.
  • Full support for Patani Malay in all fonts.
  • Support automated WOFF generation.
  • On-line web fonts for embedding in web sites


LibThai 0.1.24 Released

Changes from 0.1.23

  • Fix infinite loop caused by optimization in previous version.
    (Thanks Zack Weinberg for the report via Debian #805703)
  • Updated word break dictionary.


MD5 Sums:

e4f676b657e75d075c6cba9a231fd7b0  libthai-0.1.24.tar.xz


$ svn co http://linux.thai.net/svn/software/libthai/tags/r_0_1_24 \

LibThai 0.1.23 Released

Changes from 0.1.22

  • Correctly check doxygen version on configure.
    (Change adapted from Petr Gajdos' proposed patch to libdatrie.)
  • Threadsafe word breaking.
    (Thanks Behdad Esfahbod for the report.)
  • Improve word breaking performance by 0.1%
    (About 0.28% when used with libdatrie 0.2.10)
  • Updated word break dictionary.


MD5 Sums:

76401a24f984b2f5a79e44f99b1769f6  libthai-0.1.23.tar.xz


$ svn co http://linux.thai.net/svn/software/libthai/tags/r_0_1_23 \
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