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ThaiLaTeX is a Thai package which enables typesetting Thai with LaTeX's standard document classes. It is meant to become a part of “babel”, a multilingual package for LaTeX which supports a lot of non-American languages.

Since version 0.4.6, ThaiLaTeX no longer ships fonts by itself. You can get the fonts directly from Fonts-TLWG ≥ 0.4.17 (LaTeX package “fonts-tlwg”) or Fonts-SIPA-Arundina ≥ 0.1.3 (LaTeX package “fonts-arundina”) by building them with “--enable-latex” configure option after installing Thai LaTeX.

ThaiLaTeX does not support word break analysis, as there is no way to achieve it with acceptable accuracy using existing mechanisms provided by TeX. It is recommended to use swath as the preprocessing.


Win32 port is coming soon...


See ThaiLaTeX Announcements.

Documents in Thai


Before version 0.4.0, ThaiLaTeX was released under non-commercial license. From version 0.4.0, it is relicensed as LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), with permission from NECTEC.



ThaiLaTeX is currently maintained at GitHub.

Developer Channels

We use thai-linux-foss-devel mailing list as our communication channel for ThaiLaTeX development.

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