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ThaiFonts-SiamPradesh 0.2.1 Released

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This is the first public release at LTN of Thaifonts-SiamPradesh.

This project is an attempt to adjust fonts from DIP & SIPA contest for use in GNU/Linux desktops. All fonts are renamed (with some rationales [in Thai]) as required by the license.

The difference from original fonts includes:

  • Ready for editing with Fontforge, with all traps cleared
  • Scaled up to match western fonts at the same point size
  • Cleaner splines (for some fonts) and more reference usage (i.e. smaller file size)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


This package is not totally free software. You cannot immediately modify it before notifying DIP & SIPA in writing. See the COPYING file for the license terms.

Changes in 0.2.1

  • Fontforge format 3.0 (requires fontforge >= 20080110)
  • Correct ZWNJ, ZWJ, LRM, RLM glyphs
  • Add ZWSP glyph
  • Fontconfig configs for registering generic families and for synthesizing DIP/SIPA original counterpart families
  • Fix glyph problems (round to int, extremas, directions, overlaps). All outline-based arts generated from the glyphs are now properly drawn, for example.

Changes in 0.2.0

  • First release for fonts modified from DIP-SIPA contested fonts
  • Create Fontforge spline files for editing
  • Rename fonts as required by the license
  • Convert splines to cubic
  • Scale up to match western fonts at the same point size
  • Refine splines and remove glitches
  • Postscript hints and TrueType instructions
  • Use more references
  • Various bug fixes


MD5 sums:

2e66702ed8f46f42f7c2a0d77ce313e3  thaifonts-siampradesh-0.2.1.tar.gz


$ svn co \