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ThaiLaTeX 0.4.5 Released

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Changes from 0.4.4

  • Update fonts from thaifonts-scalable 0.4.15, changes include:
    • Improved Latin glyphs in garuda
    • Overlap-free Thai glyphs in ttypist
    • Bug fixes in Purisa (clean wrong ligature and fix glyph name)
  • Correct positioning of THANTHAKHAT and NIKHAHIT over long-ascender Thai glyphs.
  • Support for high MAITAIKHU (e.g. in Kuy) and high NIKHAHIT (e.g. in Pali).
  • Add \textpali{} command for Pali-Sanskrit text with descender-less YO YING and THO THAN.
  • Add "tis620" inputenc option for proper Pali-Sanskrit support.
  • Adjust translation for \refname from "หนังสืออ้างอิง" to "เอกสารอ้างอิง".
  • CTAN package is now in ZIP format by default, as preferred by Windows users.
  • Outdated and unmaintained RPM spec is now removed.



614a10ff566e8996c1fa4aa0225f4f87  thailatex-0.4.5.tar.gz


$ svn co \