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ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.3 Released

Error message

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Changes from 0.4.2

  • Dropped fonts: DBThaiText, Kinnari [Thep: Unclear licenses. This includes the dropping of the newly created Kinnari Italic shape.]
  • Renamed fonts: Pseudo Mono → Tlwg Typewriter [Poonlap]
  • Improved fonts: Loma [Thep, in sync with Sirichai the original author, plus some more fine tunes]
  • Improved OpenType tables: Nikahit is now rendered correctly in all cases. [Thep]
  • Font cleanups:
    • Clean up some unused glyphs [Thep]
    • Ensure ZWSP glyph in all appropriate fonts [Thep]
    • Clearer copyright/license info [Thep]
  • Bug fixes
    • Include glyph variants back in Type1 fonts [Thep]
    • Configure script now correctly checks for ttmkfdir needed in old XFree86 [Thep, bug reported by K. seal]



$ cvs -d \
  co -r r_0_4_3 software/thaifonts-scalable