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Babel-Thai 1.0.0, No More ThaiLaTeX

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Somewhat belated announcement, but better than never. ThaiLaTeX has been decomposed and pushed into mainstream.

Here is how its components go:

  • Emacs support has been dropped, as it's outdated and unmaintained. See the discussion (in Thai).
  • Hyphenation patterns have been integrated into hyph-utf8 package.
  • Babel definition has been transformed into babel-thai as part of babel-contrib.

Currently, the source for hyphenation patterns have not been moved to hyph-utf8 yet. But after TeX Live 2013 is released, there is a plan to move it there. But babel-thai will still be maintained here in TLWG SVN and released directly to CTAN.

Therefore, here is also an announcement for babel-thai 1.0.0.

Changes from ThaiLaTeX 0.5.1

  • Drop outdated and unmaintained Emacs support.
  • Fix bug when using Thai number in section-less doc classes.
  • Limit scope of emergencystretch within Thai language.
  • Add thaiindentfirst option to force indenting section's first paragraph. (Thanks to Pruet Boonma for the contribution.)
  • Drop obsolete thswitch.sty.
  • Hyphenation patterns are moved to hyph-utf8 project.
  • Babel definition now goes to babel-contrib project.

babel-thai continues being maintained at the old ThaiLaTeX SVN. So, you can checkout the source for babel-thai 1.0.0 here:

$ svn co \

For TeX Live users, you should be able to get babel-thai from the lang-other component since version 2013 (to be released soon).