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Fonts-TLWG 0.6.2 Released

Error message

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Changes from 0.6.1

  • Add Preferred Family/Subfamily so OS can distinguish between Oblique and Italic shapes.
  • Use 'Regular' weight in all fonts for non-bold/light.
  • Validate all fonts and fix problems reported by the validator.
  • Explicitly set OS/2 version to 4 on all fonts.
  • Full support for Patani Malay in all fonts.
  • Support automated WOFF generation.
  • On-line web fonts for embedding in web sites


MD5 sums:

012a319486b1bb18697d2708a3fee09b  fonts-tlwg-0.6.2.tar.xz
8cb47ed483e5deffc5faf3387a30f09a  ttf-tlwg-0.6.2.tar.xz
05d8ee8bf853eaa67030f92c4edc3173  otf-tlwg-0.6.2.tar.xz
8c5802f31b36e2d28c42c7591ba13e8a  woff-tlwg-0.6.2.tar.xz


$ svn co \