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libdatrie 0.2.11 Released

Error message

Deprecated function: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in menu_set_active_trail() (line 2404 of /usr/share/drupal7/includes/

Changes from 0.2.10

  • Detect iconv() error more correctly in trietool.
    (Thanks Daniel Macks for the report on Issue #3)
  • Clarify package description that search time is O(m), where m is key length, not O(1), while still claiming that it's independent of database size.
    (Thanks @flackbash for the report on Issue #4)
  • Fix trie_state_get_data() on a prefix key.
    (Thanks Filip Pytloun from the pytries project for the initial patch)
  • Fix reported segfault on full-range alpha map.
    (Thanks Xiao Wang for the report on Issue #6, and @nevermatch for the analysis.)


MD5 sums:

486a3a9cda1265ddedbea61fe5c7f3cc  libdatrie-0.2.11.tar.xz


$ git clone

GitHub release: