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libdatrie 0.2.13 Released

Error message

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Changes from 0.2.12

  • Fix wrong key listing in byte trie
    (Issue #9, Thanks @legale for the report.)
  • Fix cross-compiling issue caused by AC_FUNC_MALLOC
    (Issue #11, Thanks Vanessa McHale for the report.)
  • Fix isspace() arg problem on NetBSD.
    (Personal mail, Thanks Sean for the report;
    PR #8, Thanks OBATA Akio for an independent pull request.)
  • Fix some documentations.
  • Really use TRIE_CHAR_TERM in TrieChar string termination.
    Changing TRIE_CHAR_TERM definition now won't break the code.
  • Fix Windows build issue by avoiding <unistd.h> include.
    (Partially addressing PR #15, Thanks @fanc999 for first raising this.)
  • [New APIs] Add serialization of the trie into memory buffer.
    (PR #12, Thanks KOLANICH for the contribution.)


MD5 sums:

e26b5aa008b5f3588ab38d2dce9e9325  libdatrie-0.2.13.tar.xz


$ git clone

GitHub release: