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Pango-Libthai is a sub-project under LibThai project, which plugs some LibThai functionality into Pango rendering engine.

Pango-LibThai provides third-party plug-in for Thai support in Pango text layout engine. The main purpose is to provide Pango language engine which implements break positions analysis, including word breaks, via pango_break() calls, using LibThai routines. However, a shaping engine is also provided as a supplementary.

The shaping engine is not meant to replace or duplicate the stock engine available in Pango. It rather demonstrates another possible code structure, in which input and output methods can share some functionalities according to WTT 2.0, a Thai de-facto standard for input/output methods.

Note: Pango-LibThai language engine has been merged into upstream Pango since Pango 1.15.1. So, with both functionalities available upstream, Pango-LibThai can now be considered history. Only the different shaping engine code is left for merging consideration, after Lao support is implemented.


Of course, the obvious required packages for building this package are:

  • pango
  • libthai

Since version 0.1.6, you can optionally turn on the shaping engine build. If unspecified, it is disabled by default. You can enable it using --enable-shaping configure option. And you will need additional packages:

  • freetype
  • fontconfig

In most cases, these packages are already available with your Pango installation.