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A collection of Thai scalable fonts available in free licenses

Fonts-TLWG 0.5.1 Released

Changes from 0.5.0

  • Add missing glyphs for LaTeX in monospace fonts.
  • Fix malformed fontconfig config. [Thanks Akira Tagoh for the report, Daiki Ueno for the notification.]
  • Add glyphs for Esperanto to Purisa. [Thanks Pablo Busto for the patch.]
  • Switch to XZ tarball compression.



Fonts-TLWG 0.5.0 Released

Changes from ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.17

  • Project is renamed to "fonts-tlwg".
  • More consistent directory names for LaTeX installation.
  • CTAN TDS zip is now complete in a single file, with source.
  • LaTeX fonts building is now self-contained, no more build-dependency on thailatex.
  • Supports more LaTeX escape sequences.
  • More Latin glyphs in all fonts.
  • Fine-tuned Latin glyphs for Loma and Umpush.
  • Corrected GSUB rules for Pali-Sanskrit descender removal in all fonts.

ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.16 Released

Changes from 0.4.15

  • Fix GSUB rules to correctly remove YO YING descender when combined with both lower and upper characters, e.g. ญุ่นปี่, ขฺญุํ.
  • Legacy X font dir creation, and thus build-dependency on xfonts-utils, is now optional. To enable it, use --enable-xfontsdir configure option.
  • Add LaTeX fonts generation, based on ThaiLaTeX implementation. To enable it, use --enable-latex configure option. Fonts will be removed from ThaiLaTeX soon.



ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.10 Released

Changes from 0.4.9

  • New fontforge file format (requires fontforge >= 20080110).
  • Latin ligatures in all fonts, by the needs triggered in LaTeX.
  • Cleared shapes for ZWJ, ZWNJ, LRM, RLM in all fonts.
  • Latin accents in Purisa font [Pietro Battiston].
  • Experimental pure monospace font, TlwgTypo, with OpenType-based combining marks handling.
  • Various bug fixes and minor adjustments.




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