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A collection of Thai scalable fonts available in free licenses

ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.9 Released

Changes from 0.4.8

  • Reintroduced font: Kinnari [National Font Project] (plus Angsana synthesizing).
  • New font: Umpush [Widhaya Trisarnwadhana] (plus Cordia synthesizing).
  • Improved OpenType tables for broader range of applications.
  • Mark repositioning for certain Thai consonants with deep right stems like CHO CHING, NO NEN, NO NU, SO RUSI.
  • Scaled-down high variant of MAITAIKHU.
  • More consistent line spacing for Garuda, Norasi.

ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.6 Released

Changes from 0.4.5

  • Update glyphs for Loma bold from the original author to match non-rounded shapes in their normal-weight counterparts.
  • Clear subscript, superscript, strike controls in fonts, to fix weird rendering with Gecko.
  • Add exception clause to font license, so that documents that embed the fonts are not enforced by GPL.
  • Improved GSUB tables in fonts, to ensure they work properly with OO.o.



ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.3 Released

Changes from 0.4.2

  • Dropped fonts: DBThaiText, Kinnari [Thep: Unclear licenses. This includes the dropping of the newly created Kinnari Italic shape.]
  • Renamed fonts: Pseudo Mono → Tlwg Typewriter [Poonlap]
  • Improved fonts: Loma [Thep, in sync with Sirichai the original author, plus some more fine tunes]
  • Improved OpenType tables: Nikahit is now rendered correctly in all cases. [Thep]
  • Font cleanups:
    • Clean up some unused glyphs [Thep]


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