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IBus-LibThai 0.1.2 Released

Changes from 0.1.1

  • Fix keyboard shortcuts & Thai accelerators problems with iBus 1.5.
  • Allow typing Thai digits using numpad with CapsLock or level 3.


MD5 sums:

d0f22581fb651b659d0e2dc6f7f84e6d  ibus-libthai-0.1.2.tar.xz


$ svn co \

IBus-LibThai 0.1.0 Released

About IBus-LibThai

IBus (Intelligent Input Bus) is an input method framework based on D-Bus.

IBus-LibThai is a Thai input method engine for IBus, based on the LibThai library.

Currently, it provides 3 keyboard layouts internally:

  • Ketmanee
  • Pattachote
  • TIS-820.2538

(Thai XKB symbols are also supported.)

The input method also filters out invalid input sequences with 3 levels of strictness:



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