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LibThai 0.1.19 Released

Changes from 0.1.18

  • New API th_validate_leveled() for IM correction with strictness level.
  • Updated word break dictionary.
  • Switched to XZ tarball compression.


MD5 Sums:

c4a6c3842257889f8f15ae192b66e797  libthai-0.1.19.tar.xz


$ svn co \

libdatrie 0.2.6 Released

Changes from 0.2.5

  • New API trie_state_walkable_chars() for breadth-first traversal.
  • New class TrieIterator for callback-free enumeration.
  • Improved performance on key enumeration.
  • Improved AlphaMap range merging.
  • Bug fixes.

[Many thanks to Mikhail Korobov for improvements in this version.]


ThaiLaTeX 0.4.7 Released

Changes from 0.4.6

  • No more stretch for \wbr. It caused uneven spacing between words.
  • CTAN TDS zip is now complete in a single file, with source.
  • Font encoding and ligkern stuff is now moved to font packages, to allow custom ligkern rules per font.
  • Supports more LaTeX escape sequences, namely \textdollar, \i, \j, \textasciicircum, \textasciitilde, \textbackslash, \textbar, \textbraceleft, \textbraceright, \textgreater, \textless, \textquotedbl
  • Revised documentation for the Thai language definition.




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