ThaiLaTeX 0.4.4 Released

Changes from 0.4.3

  • Fix installation problems in Makefiles and related scripts.
  • Drop support for old teTeX versions, for simplicity.
  • Update ttypist font from thaifonts-scalable trunk, with manually adjusted bold glyphs.
  • Support automated tarball preparation for CTAN upload.



6e2a0de0c2e7592b1d4e94c22c6509de  thailatex-0.4.4.tar.gz


$ svn co \

ThaiLaTeX 0.4.3 Released

Changes from 0.4.2

  • Update fonts from thaifonts-scalable 0.4.13, changes include:
    • thicker bold faces for ttpyist
    • variation faces for purisa
  • Default monospace font is now ttypist.
  • Drop the obsolete '\thai' command.
  • UTF-8 support.



8db0d2af97c05673373293b2ba520423  thailatex-0.4.3.tar.gz


$ svn co \

ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.13 Released

Changes from 0.4.12

  • Fix DTD conformance in fontconfig file. (LP: #387872)
  • More thinkness for bold faces of TlwgTypo and TlwgTypist families.
  • Fix spline direction in several fonts. (LP: #313427)
  • Add variation faces to Purisa.
  • Improve hints for diagonal stems.
  • Improve building system.


ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.12 Released

Changes from 0.4.11

  • Fix fontconfig bug for synthetic fonts which caused too small font in family-mixed CSS.
  • Remove ellipsis substitutions in monospace fonts.


LibThai 0.1.12 Released

Changes from 0.1.11

  • Improved unknown words boundary.
  • Add symbol versioning.
  • Updated word break dictionary.


ThaiFonts-SiamPradesh 0.2.1 Released

This is the first public release at LTN of Thaifonts-SiamPradesh.

This project is an attempt to adjust fonts from DIP & SIPA contest for use in GNU/Linux desktops. All fonts are renamed (with some rationales [in Thai]) as required by the license.

The difference from original fonts includes:

  • Ready for editing with Fontforge, with all traps cleared
  • Scaled up to match western fonts at the same point size
  • Cleaner splines (for some fonts) and more reference usage (i.e. smaller file size)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


This package is not totally free software. You cannot immediately modify it before notifying DIP & SIPA in writing. See the COPYING file for the license terms.

libdatrie 0.2.2 Released

Changes from 0.2.1

  • Support building with linkers without symbol versioning supports, including Mac, Cygwin, MinGW.
  • Support other iconv implementations than that's in glibc, for Mac and MinGW.


swath 0.4.0 Released

Changes from 0.3.4

  • New dictionary engine with libdatrie 0.2.
  • Fix memory leaks.
  • Various clean-ups, including Valgrind warnings.



8eda018009e123c87194090d65c7bbf1  swath-0.4.0.tar.gz


$ svn co \

LibThai 0.1.11 Released

Changes from 0.1.10

  • Diminished link flags in pkg-config info, for less dependency for clients.
  • More words in word break dictionary.


libdatrie 0.2.1 Released

Changes from 0.2.0

  • Fix errors in documentation
  • Symbol versioning to ease upgrade across SONAME
  • Minor cleanups


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