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Fonts-SIPA-Arundina 0.2.2 Released

Changes from Fonts-SIPA-Arundina 0.2.1

  • LaTeX: new 'sans' option for using sans-serif by default.
  • LaTeX: new 'scale' option for adjusting font size, based on Abhabongse Janthong's work on 'fonts-tlwg' package.
  • CTAN dist tarballs now contain source directory with the same name as the LaTeX package, fixing confusion on CTAN archive.


TLWG Software Repository Moved to GitHub

Since the recent change on accessing policy exercised by our host has made no longer a proper place for collaboration in open source style any more (VPN is now required), we have decided to move our software repository to GitHub.

Please follow our development activities here instead:

Currently, only some important projects have been imported. More will come soon.



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