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Fonts-TLWG 0.7.0 Released

Changes from 0.6.5

  • Build fonts reproducibly, thus new major version due to source restructuring.
  • Generate OTF by default instead of TTF.
  • LaTeX: Provide OpenType fonts for XeTeX.
    (Issue #6. Thanks Abhabongse Janthong for the suggestion.)
  • Fix bug in GSUB rule.
    (Issue #7. Thanks @Richard57 for the report and investigation.)
  • Norasi: Fix Fontforge warnings and substitution rules.

Fonts-TLWG 0.6.5 Released

Changes from 0.6.4

  • Convert source files to recent Fontforge format.
  • Move fontconfig templates to /usr/share/fontconfig, according to recent fontconfig change.
  • Normalize TTFWeight for non-bold, non-light fonts, so some apps like EditPad can classify the weight correctly.
    (Thanks @alysdexia for the report in Issue #5.)
  • Add missing Latin ligatures to Laksaman, to fullfill LaTeX typesetting.
    (Thanks Kittipitch Meesawat for the report in a KKLUG meeting.)

Fonts-SIPA-Arundina 0.2.2 Released

Changes from Fonts-SIPA-Arundina 0.2.1

  • LaTeX: new 'sans' option for using sans-serif by default.
  • LaTeX: new 'scale' option for adjusting font size, based on Abhabongse Janthong's work on 'fonts-tlwg' package.
  • CTAN dist tarballs now contain source directory with the same name as the LaTeX package, fixing confusion on CTAN archive.



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